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Bayfront Park Yoga by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

One thing we value about Miami is the seemingly perpetual lifestyle. Picture this: you attend a concert and get out by five in the morning, grab a cafecito with greasy croquettes, attend yoga at Bayfront Park, and then hike the muddy trails of the Big Cypress Preserve for the afternoon.

yoga in the park by Miami photographer

While we would not dare such a foolhardy agenda, the options are there. We have the ability to do anything at anytime, an infinite border of culture, nature, lust, and dance (an ideal pool of subject matter for photographers).

However, as fast-paced as Miami can be, we can always take a breath or two or three. Taking place in the morning at Bayfront Park is “Yoga In the Park,” amity between tranquility and speed under a green pavilion. Nestled between the grandiose high rises and azure waters of Miami’s Downtown area.

Tom and I find solace in this capricious lifestyle. However, we also enjoy the times where we can slow down with the likes of a modest hike, gingerly walking past sawgrass or being able to take a deep breath while you go deeper in to your warrior pose, all while being surrounded by water, grass, and steel.

Grant Albert likes techno, rock climbing, and basset hounds. You can find more of his writings on noiseprn.

Tom Clark is a commercial photographer based in Miami offering portrait, product, architectural and interior photography services.

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Miami Photographer Tom Clark: Ramen

Tom Clark is a commercial photographer available for food, product, architectural and interior photography in Miami and throughout the U.S.

ramen food photography

This one pays homage to photographers who are just starting their careers, or a typical Tuesday night at my place during the busy season. Just because you’re eating ramen doesn’t mean you have to suffer. Some salt pork, eggs and hot sauce can go a long way and will complete those ramen meals.

Also, I’ve been having some fun trying to make the perfect egg. I guess anyone can get lucky every now and again, but repeating your results with boiled eggs is a surprising challenge (especially working with basic appliances). I like a yolk that’s on the runny side, but definitely need the whites to be firm. I’m not with the runny whites. Not enough time in the heat and you’ve got a mess on your hands… too much time in the heat and your yolks are dried.

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Camping in the Forest outside Asheville NC by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

camping in the Pisgah Forest

camping in the Pisgah Forest by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Now that we’re also offering commercial photography services in Asheville NC I’ve found a few more opportunities to camp out in the Carolina wilderness. This shot was taken a few miles off the blue ridge parkway after hiking a bit toward Looking Glass Rock. Now, it wouldn’t be camping in WNC without a sudden thunderstorm interrupting your dinner. Luckily we managed to get a fire going and capture this photograph just before the inevitable.

Tom Clark is a Miami based photographer offering services in the San Francisco Bay Area, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Asheville.

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Super Larry… coming soon!

super larry

Super Larry confronted by Sheriff Leeland

Meet Super Larry (Mark Teich)! Fictional desert town Vienna, CA’s very own super hero seen confronting Sheriff Leeland (Chris Coppola) on set while filming Super Larry, the pilot episode.

In this scene the envious sheriff’s wired temper explodes when he catches Super Larry attempting to fight crime in his jurisdiction.

The show, produced by Lord Danger and directed by Gille Klabin and Aaron Grasso, manifests a conglomeration of wit, irony, social truisms, and pure hilarity. For updates on when and where you’ll be able to catch the show’s premiere follow Lord Danger on facebook.

Apart from Miami, Tom Clark is now offering full production services as a commercial photographer in San Francisco, and Los Angeles







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Whitney Cummings by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Whitney Cummings Money Shot

Spend New Year’s Eve with Whitney Cummings who will be hosting the MTV New Years Eve Bash live from Time’s Square. I’m confident she’ll tear a new one into 2010 just as she’s been known to leave celebrity guests stunned during her appearances on the Commedy Central Roasts.

It was recently a pleasure of mine to meet Whitney here in Miami as the album cover  photographer for her new DVD “Money Shot”.

Money Shot is the title of this comedienne’s one hour stand up special, which describes women as emotional ninjas,  and provides new and interesting takes on age-old topics.

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