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Miami Photographer Tom Clark: Ramen

Tom Clark is a commercial photographer available for food, product, architectural and interior photography in Miami and throughout the U.S.

ramen food photography

This one pays homage to photographers who are just starting their careers, or a typical Tuesday night at my place during the busy season. Just because you’re eating ramen doesn’t mean you have to suffer. Some salt pork, eggs and hot sauce can go a long way and will complete those ramen meals.

Also, I’ve been having some fun trying to make the perfect egg. I guess anyone can get lucky every now and again, but repeating your results with boiled eggs is a surprising challenge (especially working with basic appliances). I like a yolk that’s on the runny side, but definitely need the whites to be firm. I’m not with the runny whites. Not enough time in the heat and you’ve got a mess on your hands… too much time in the heat and your yolks are dried.

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Miami Food Photographer Tom Clark: Whiskey on Ice

Tom Clark is a commercial food photographer based in Miami, FL and available for productions throughout the United States.

miami food photographer shot of liquor

The food photography portfolio continues to grow one subject at a time. After a long day working, while not pour a whiskey on the rocks and work some more.

Some people are familiar with the process in which professional photographers and food stylists use techniques that taint the product, leaving it inedible. I prefer to shoot it like it is… and then consume it.

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Food Photography on the Fly Tips for Photographers

Food photography with the use of available light

Food photography with the use of available light

When it comes to editorial, magazine based food photography there are two things that a photographer is usually left without; time and money. Creative ideas and beautiful images have to develop on the fly. Here are some quick tips based on my experience so far…

* Choose your background wisely…
Food and Lifestyle Photograph Green

* Try to avoid converging lines…
Food Photograph of Tuna Tartar

* If the background is not so great, wash it out…
Food Photography Desert Vegan

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