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New River Gorge Bridge by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

new river gorge bridge

Photographers visiting Fayetteville, WV may experience an irresistible attraction to the New River Gorge Bridge. Every photographer knows it’s been done before, still we can’t help ourselves. This is one of the highest vehicular bridges in the world made of a humbling 88 million pounds of steel and cement.

On a recent climbing trip I took advantage of a rest day to find the ideal shot, which led me to Fayette Station Bridge (a nearby, smaller bridge with this unobstructed view). The next morning I woke and forced myself out of the tent before dawn. We made it to the location just as the fog was beginning to clear and the sun was rising. Luckily, the early morning effort was matched by nature’s good graces and an image was captured. After all, it’s a long drive from Miami and we lugged the camera gear all the way.

Tom Clark is a commercial photographer based in Miami available for assignments in South FL and throughout the U.S.

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camping in the Pisgah Forest by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

breakfast by the campfire in the Pisgah Forest back country

breakfast by the campfire in the Pisgah Forest back country

When the Summer starts to drag in Miami, my mind wanders to the mountains and my body soon follows. The Pisgah Forest in Western North Carolina is where we escaped to in early September. Heavy rains kept us in the tent throughout our first night in the back country, so we had dinner for breakfast while watching the sun rise behind the Blue Ridge Mountains; Baked beans, hard-boiled eggs and coffee.

Although the landscapes of WNC provide easy work for photographers, this particular trip proved to be a tough one filled with storm clouds and heavy fog. Luckily things cleared up long enough for this shot to take place. It would have been a shame to carry the camera equipment so far into the mountains only to keep it in the dry bag.

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Smith Rock by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Smith Rock State Park

Smith Rock at dusk by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Miami photographer Tom Clark provides commercial photography services in and around South FL and is now available for projects in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City.

Although climbing was the main objective in this week’s trip to Smith Rock, I’m happy having squeezed in enough time to set up this shot. It’s a classic view of the park (no epic hike or climb required), and I’m sure many people have a similar vantage point captured on their smart phones. Nonetheless, the view was too inspiring not to create this shot.


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Looking Glass Rock by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

looking glass rock by Miami photographer Tom Clark

Photographer South Florida

Summer in Miami can prove to be a trying time for photographers (particularly in the fashion industry.) Once the season passes, the professional photography industry in Miami mostly heads North with the snow birds.

This year I decided to cope with the slow season by taking a little time off… away from South Florida and the heat.

This landscape image was captured early one morning in the North Carolina Pisgah Forest. The view from John Rock overlooks Looking Gass Rock to the North.

The time in nature was much appreciated and now I’m back in Miami eagerly awaiting the busy season and ready to take your call.

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Architectural and Interior Photography in Miami

architectural and interior photography

Architectural and interior photography by Miami photographer Tom Clark

Already known as a commercial advertising, fashion, lifestyle and product photographer in South Florida, Tom Clark is currently establishing a presence in the architectural and interior photography genre.

Miami provides an eclectic and interesting landscape for architectural and interior photographers to explore and portray.

The subject matter requires a vast knowledge of lighting technique, composition, and post production. All of which the Miami based photographer has a firm grasp on, and years of experience perfecting.

Tom is equipped to travel throughout Florida and the U.S. for your next architectual/interior project.

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Happy Valentines Day from Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Photographer in Miami Tom Clark offers free gift...

Photographer in Miami Tom Clark offers free gift...

Another full moon rising in the east perfectly timed with the fleeting daylight gave this photographer the great  opportunity to  create this free gift for family, friends, clients and internet browsers.

Valentines Day is approaching and I would like to show my love by offering a free printable version of this custom card which can be downloaded at http://www.tomclarkphoto.com/forgetmenot/.

Print this out and give it to the ones you love.

View more of Tom’s photography at Photographer in Miami.

Have a happy Valentines Day!

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