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Miami Free Transportation by Photographer Tom Clark

Miami gets a bad rap when it comes to public transportation. We find it unreliable and unavailable. While our transportation system can be lacking, you cannot deny variety is there.

Tom is a patient photographer. He hung around long enough to get this shot on a Wednesday afternoon, right before the madness that is rush hour.

free transportation in Miami by photographer Tom Clark

Above is the PeopleMover. A free metro that covers 4.5 miles and takes Kendallers, Brickellites, and Downtowners all around Downtown free of charge. Yes, they are still in use after Ultra Music Festival where ravers crowd the cab with neon and sweat.

To the right is the Miami Trolley. A bus painted in the University of Miami colors and takes travelers all throughout North Miami: Wynwood, the Stadium, and even Coconut Grove.

Below is the humble biker. Despite the odds that they could be hit by a car at any moment (wear a helmet,) they are brave enough to pedal the streets of Miami.

We are then stripped to our most primitive form, walking. Fortunately enough, Downtown is riddled with shops, business, and restaurants all within walking distance. When the clock turns 5 and all of Miami loses their minds to beat the rush, it’s not a bad idea to take a breath and think of our options.

Grant Albert likes techno, rock climbing, and basset hounds. You can find more of his writings on noiseprn.

Tom Clark is one of the few commercial Miami photographers offering portrait, product, architectural and interior photography services.

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Climbing the Divide by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Lucy climbs in Red Rock Nevada:

Twenty minutes west of Las Vegas, the gentle eye in a category five hurricane of vice, sin, blue-men, and neon. The term “juxtaposition” gets thrown around rather liberally but Red Rock is a true juxtaposition. You have the fast paced, silicon lifestyle of Vegas and yet, in the horizon, rocks glisten with unfathomed potential.  

I find the phrase “the mountains are calling” to be disconcerting, but when viewing this photo, it’s all I hear. Perfect rock in perfect conditions. Lucy climbs a forty foot boulder, “The Divide” in the Kraft boulder field. Though the rock stands tall with aplomb, Lucy uses technique to chimney up the divide.

We often forget how pivotal nature is to our creativity and ego. Cormac McCarthy, in his book “Blood Meridian, or the Evening Redness in the West” invokes mans interconnectedness to the rock:

“The very clarity of these articles belied their familiarity, for the eye predicates the whole on some feature or part and here was nothing more luminous than another and nothing more enshadowed and in the optical democracy of such landscapes all preference is made whimsical and a man and a rock become endowed with unguessed kinship.”

climbing in red rock by Miami photographer Tom Clark

Grant Albert likes techno, rock climbing, and basset hounds. You can find more of his writings on noiseprn.

Tom Clark is a commercial photographer based in Miami offering portrait, product, architectural and interior photography services.

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Bayfront Park Yoga by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

One thing we value about Miami is the seemingly perpetual lifestyle. Picture this: you attend a concert and get out by five in the morning, grab a cafecito with greasy croquettes, attend yoga at Bayfront Park, and then hike the muddy trails of the Big Cypress Preserve for the afternoon.

yoga in the park by Miami photographer

While we would not dare such a foolhardy agenda, the options are there. We have the ability to do anything at anytime, an infinite border of culture, nature, lust, and dance (an ideal pool of subject matter for photographers).

However, as fast-paced as Miami can be, we can always take a breath or two or three. Taking place in the morning at Bayfront Park is “Yoga In the Park,” amity between tranquility and speed under a green pavilion. Nestled between the grandiose high rises and azure waters of Miami’s Downtown area.

Tom and I find solace in this capricious lifestyle. However, we also enjoy the times where we can slow down with the likes of a modest hike, gingerly walking past sawgrass or being able to take a deep breath while you go deeper in to your warrior pose, all while being surrounded by water, grass, and steel.

Grant Albert likes techno, rock climbing, and basset hounds. You can find more of his writings on noiseprn.

Tom Clark is a commercial photographer based in Miami offering portrait, product, architectural and interior photography services.

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Product Photographer Based in Miami

While people tend to focus their energies on the final product, we must not forget about the initial processes. Here is a photo of three stainless steel mixing bowls, behind them, kitchen utensils; often the first resource in beginning a recipe.

product photography mixing bowls

Tom and I believe that it is better to tackle the task in steps rather than an all guns blazing approach. This brings forth better results than the latter. As you can’t make an omelet without cracking an egg, you can’t make passionfruit infused challah bread without pouring in the first teaspoon of yeast.

On social media one usually sees the final product of the meal more so than the actual process. A piece of meat laying on a plate in a deadpan ceremony of iPhone’s cameras and unhinged hashtags. While pages like Tasty and YouTube channels like FoodWishes showcase the processes, why not focus more on the organic steps? The step-by-steps are often the most thrilling and provide a feeling of accomplishment that outshines the quick shot of the $15 smoothie bowl.

Grant Albert likes techno, rock climbing, and basset hounds. You can find more of his writings on noiseprn.

Tom Clark is a commercial photographer based in Miami offering portrait, product, architectural and interior photography services.

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Wine Bottle by Miami Product Photographer Tom Clark

It’s a tad ironic how some of the most minimal shoots could be the most laborious for photographers to work on. The notion of ‘less is more’ is apparent in this photo. Why dilute this bottle of Malbec with the “perfect” model or car when the wine can stand alone?

This simple wine bottle required two separate shots, maneuvering lighting, and then composited in post production, to get the best result.

product photography wine bottle

The lighting on the bottle almost melts off the ink colored exterior. It wasn’t an easy task. We like to think that there is a bit of symbolism here:

We often have to work the hardest on the smaller tasks before we can take on the big missions. Whether it be taking a shot of a red wine bottle or figuring out the best conditions to grow the grapes, one should never neglect the small tasks. Tom and I believe the term “don’t sweat the small stuff” is becoming obsolete.

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Conceptual Staff Portrait by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

No matter how old you are, you can still recall those days that you spent with your favorite toy. I remember my Simpsons collection. Dozens among dozens of yellow action figures all starring at me. Professor Frink was my favorite. His rounded glasses and white lab jacket. “Hoyvin!”  

This shot was done for a software development company called Magic Leap. Upon visiting the website, it will show the staff members name and title, but instead of the mundane and typical headshot, a photo of their favorite childhood toy appears. Gary Natsyme decided on the classic yo-yo. It’s a nice way of conveying the playful side of a business.

yoyo by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Magic Leap thrives on the “think differently” and children at heart approach. “We are here to make magic real for you” it’s refreshing and intriguing.

It is easy to dwell on the stresses of today’s fast world, but it never hurts to think back on the simpler times.

Grant Albert likes techno, rock climbing, and basset hounds. You can find more of his writings on noiseprn.

Tom Clark is a commercial photographer based in Miami offering portrait, product, architectural and interior photography services.

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Miami Photographer Tom Clark: Ramen

Tom Clark is a commercial photographer available for food, product, architectural and interior photography in Miami and throughout the U.S.

ramen food photography

This one pays homage to photographers who are just starting their careers, or a typical Tuesday night at my place during the busy season. Just because you’re eating ramen doesn’t mean you have to suffer. Some salt pork, eggs and hot sauce can go a long way and will complete those ramen meals.

Also, I’ve been having some fun trying to make the perfect egg. I guess anyone can get lucky every now and again, but repeating your results with boiled eggs is a surprising challenge (especially working with basic appliances). I like a yolk that’s on the runny side, but definitely need the whites to be firm. I’m not with the runny whites. Not enough time in the heat and you’ve got a mess on your hands… too much time in the heat and your yolks are dried.

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Miami Food Photographer Tom Clark: Whiskey on Ice

Tom Clark is a commercial food photographer based in Miami, FL and available for productions throughout the United States.

miami food photographer shot of liquor

The food photography portfolio continues to grow one subject at a time. After a long day working, while not pour a whiskey on the rocks and work some more.

Some people are familiar with the process in which professional photographers and food stylists use techniques that taint the product, leaving it inedible. I prefer to shoot it like it is… and then consume it.

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Miami Photographer Tom Clark Now Offers Food Photography

Tom Clark is a commercial photographer based in Miami offering professional photography services in advertising, celebrity portrait, architectural, interior, product, food and lifestyle assignments throughout the U.S.

Mango Salsa by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Everyone seems to be a food photographer these days, and it makes sense. Well prepared food can be very attractive and we need to keep our social media feeds updated with something. With so many cell phone photographers out there flooding the market with imagery I find it’s more important than ever for professionals to develop a style and an understanding of lighting and composition that goes beyond the basics. It’s easier than ever to get your work out there, but it’s more difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Food is in my top three of reasons to get out of bed, so it makes sense for me to focus on food photography. As I grow in my profession I find a narrowing field of desirable subject matter. I used to offer it all, but realize now the best way to provide honest and authentic results in photography is to have actual interest in the subject.

With thoughts of creating a food specific portfolio and fresh mangoes dropping from the tree in the backyard, two worlds collided. Stay tuned as more images from the soon to be released food photography gallery are completed.

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New River Gorge Bridge by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

new river gorge bridge

Photographers visiting Fayetteville, WV may experience an irresistible attraction to the New River Gorge Bridge. Every photographer knows it’s been done before, still we can’t help ourselves. This is one of the highest vehicular bridges in the world made of a humbling 88 million pounds of steel and cement.

On a recent climbing trip I took advantage of a rest day to find the ideal shot, which led me to Fayette Station Bridge (a nearby, smaller bridge with this unobstructed view). The next morning I woke and forced myself out of the tent before dawn. We made it to the location just as the fog was beginning to clear and the sun was rising. Luckily, the early morning effort was matched by nature’s good graces and an image was captured. After all, it’s a long drive from Miami and we lugged the camera gear all the way.

Tom Clark is a commercial photographer based in Miami available for assignments in South FL and throughout the U.S.

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Welcome to Miami by Architectural Photographer Tom Clark

Tom Clark is a commercial photographer based in Miami offering professional services in portrait, product, interior, and architectural photography.

836 and 17th street in Miami

Welcome to Miami… now pay me.

If you have traveled to Miami via the international airport, then chances are you have driven under this automated toll collector.  Not only does it make our lives easier by eliminating the exchange of cash on the highway, but it also has pretty neon lights suitable for an introduction to the magic city.

Maybe you’ve seen the highway scene from Bowfinger, if not check it out for a sense of what it’s like to shoot from the shoulder of a highway.  Wanting to make each shot your last is your natural defense system’s way of keeping you alive.  But any photographer knows a few takes is better than one.

We did plan ahead for the sake of our own safety.  This gem of a shot was captured at dawn with minimal traffic (only the hospital workers en route for the start of the day shift) making our awkward presence slightly more acceptable than if we extended our stay into morning rush hour.

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Rachel Weisberg Spring-Summer 2016 by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Fashion Photographer Asheville, NC

rachel weisberg 2016

We had a great shoot in Asheville, NC this week for Rachel Weisberg’s Spring-Summer 2016 collection. In this portrait we found a brief moment to step out as Rachel excitedly prepared for Axis in NY, which begins tomorrow. The otherwise peaceful studio was filled with that good kind of chaos as we shot the likes of Aubrey Huntley, Amy Sreb, Casey Puhr, Taylor Dallis, Sarah Merrell, Patrice Wilson, and Nicole Martinez.

The fashion line utilizes organic materials and processes, which we aimed to reflect in the style of photography. The clean, natural looks below were created by Leigha Beck (makeup) and Amy Day Dougherty (hair).

fashion photographers asheville

fashion photography asheville

Tom Clark is a Miami based commercial photographer offering fashion, portrait, product, interior and architectural photography services in Asheville, NC.

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Furniture Silhouette by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

red monaco bar

Photographers have a hard enough time shooting lacquer surfaces… this piece from Kravet threw a few more challenges in with a center mirrored niche surrounded by black glass. Nothing was out of view with these reflective surfaces and so lighting this piece was fun (can you sense the sarcasm?)

Sometimes it pays to be a control freak. In this case, no matter what the angle, the camera was visible in the subject and I had to make it disappear. As you can see it was a success, but I’m afraid I can’t mention how. Photographers never reveal their tricks, accept maybe after a drink or two.

Below are a few more angles from this shoot.

red-bar2 red-bar3

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camping in the Pisgah Forest by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

breakfast by the campfire in the Pisgah Forest back country

breakfast by the campfire in the Pisgah Forest back country

When the Summer starts to drag in Miami, my mind wanders to the mountains and my body soon follows. The Pisgah Forest in Western North Carolina is where we escaped to in early September. Heavy rains kept us in the tent throughout our first night in the back country, so we had dinner for breakfast while watching the sun rise behind the Blue Ridge Mountains; Baked beans, hard-boiled eggs and coffee.

Although the landscapes of WNC provide easy work for photographers, this particular trip proved to be a tough one filled with storm clouds and heavy fog. Luckily things cleared up long enough for this shot to take place. It would have been a shame to carry the camera equipment so far into the mountains only to keep it in the dry bag.

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Smith Rock by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Smith Rock State Park

Smith Rock at dusk by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Miami photographer Tom Clark provides commercial photography services in and around South FL and is now available for projects in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City.

Although climbing was the main objective in this week’s trip to Smith Rock, I’m happy having squeezed in enough time to set up this shot. It’s a classic view of the park (no epic hike or climb required), and I’m sure many people have a similar vantage point captured on their smart phones. Nonetheless, the view was too inspiring not to create this shot.


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David Samson on the Field at Marlins Park by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

miami photographer Tom Clark

David Samson having some fun with the photographer

David Samson: President of the Marlins, TV Survivor contestant, Ironman, philanthropist, and yes… prankster! No need explaining why this gem is the new photo of the week.

This was my first experience on the field of any major league stadium as a photographer, so I got a kick out of the not so subtle gesture. Apparently this sort of thing happens to photographers all the time. Perhaps I’ll start a collection!

With so much attention surrounding the new stadium in Miami, I’m glad to have finally seen it for myself.

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Michelle Andrea by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

michelle zarandy

Michelle Andrea posing in her studio in Brickell by Miami photographer Tom Clark

Michelle Andrea showed up at the gym for a spin class, but when it was full she found herself taking pole fitness (a somewhat different type of spin) instead. After just one class Michelle bought her own pole and has been an enthusiast ever since. She was naturally gifted and picked up strength and skills swiftly, working for a hedge fund during the day and practicing pole fitness on her flex time.

Some promoters have gone to great lengths to change peoples’ perceptions of the sport, making it more of a non-sexual form of dance and acrobatics, while others prefer to embrace pole dancing’s roots in burlesque and striptease routines… Regardless of what type of shoes you choose to wear, pole dance proper involves athletic moves such as climbs, spins and inversions. Rigorous training is necessary to develop the core and upper body strength for pole proficiency.

Like ballet, pole dance provides an excellent subject for photographers as dancers pay specific attention to form, shape and lines while achieving certain poses and moves.

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Camping in the Ten Thousand Islands by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

night landscape photography

South FL offers a small window of opportunity for photographers to stay the night out in the wilderness free from the wrath of mosquitoes and oppressive heat/humidity. To take advantage of this I headed out to do some camping and fishing with my father. In my opinion the ten thousand islands offers the best camping experience in Florida.

Just a short trip from Miami, this park offers starry skies, a primitive camping experience, and some of the best fishing I’ve experienced. The calm and secluded nature of the islands makes them perfect for nighttime landscape photography.

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Rachel Weisberg Fall Collection by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

rachel weisberg fall collection by miami photographer Tom Clark

Rachel Weisberg Fall 2013 modeled by Jehane Serralles

New York – Miami fashion designer Rachel Weisberg makes unique, hand-made clothing inspired by an environmental and social consciousness. Through the use of organic cotton, grown and spun in the United States and treated with natural, low impact dyes she creates one of a kind pieces that are as friendly to the environment as they are to the eye. Her leather and vintage fabric designs are made with re-purposed materials.

Weisberg’s 2013 fall collection will be featured in the Here Now pop up store/workspace from October 4th til the 26th at 35 E 1st Street in Manhattan.

While working on this shoot it became apparent to me that Rachel Weisberg has an intimate, hands-on connection with each piece in the collection, which is an inspiration and a rare concept in today’s fashion industry.


For more images from this shoot visit Miami fashion photographer!

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Super Larry… coming soon!

super larry

Super Larry confronted by Sheriff Leeland

Meet Super Larry (Mark Teich)! Fictional desert town Vienna, CA’s very own super hero seen confronting Sheriff Leeland (Chris Coppola) on set while filming Super Larry, the pilot episode.

In this scene the envious sheriff’s wired temper explodes when he catches Super Larry attempting to fight crime in his jurisdiction.

The show, produced by Lord Danger and directed by Gille Klabin and Aaron Grasso, manifests a conglomeration of wit, irony, social truisms, and pure hilarity. For updates on when and where you’ll be able to catch the show’s premiere follow Lord Danger on facebook.

Apart from Miami, Tom Clark is now offering full production services as a commercial photographer in San Francisco, and Los Angeles







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New Yosemite night climb by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

New Yosemite

New Yosemite at the New River Gorge Junk Yard Wall

Photographers are faced with certain challenges when shooting at night. It may be difficult to achieve focus on your subject, exposure settings are critical, and the dynamic range of a particular scene may be extremely dramatic. Often times various exposures are required for one scene, which will be layered together in post. This is a technique I’ve come to embrace, and perhaps the challenge is what I enjoy most about nighttime landscape photography.

Adding a person in action to a nighttime shot brings on a whole new set of challenges. Cooperation/communication is added to the mix while patience and discipline become even more important than usual. Brian Tannler, a trained and disciplined climber understands the necessity of good communication making him an ideal person to work with on creating this type of shot.

After a day of climbing at the New River Gorge Junk Yard Wall we decided New Yosemite, a beautiful splitter (rare for the East Coast) with an amazing view of the New River Gorge Bridge would be the ideal route to set up the camera on. Brian’s headlamp helped to highlight the route really making it stand out in the shot.

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Swimwear Fashion at Night by Miami Photographer Tom Clark


As a professional photographer it’s absolutely necessary to keep yourself inspired and in a place of creativity/productivity. Sometimes this is easier said than done.

When a creative block takes hold the easiest way I’ve found to break through is to go out and shoot, trying a new idea, or even building on an old concept. For a while I’ve been meaning to shoot fashion at night as a means to experience and produce something a little different.

As a nature/landscape photographer I’ve become quite comfortable shooting in the dark. However, this was the first time including a model and dealing with the need to light a living, breathing (and moving) subject. Generally night exposures have very high ISO’s and/or very slow shutter speeds, which can make lighting a challenge when working with a model. At the same time, this causes photographers to approach the situation differently than normal. So it’s only natural that the results would differ from a typical shoot done in the day or in the studio.

Nighttime fashion makes sense in a place like Miami, where the urban landscape is much more interesting than the natural surroundings.

Visit Night Fashion shoot in Miami to see the other images from this shoot.

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Tony Goldman by Miami Photographer Tom Clark


Portrait Photographer
Miami – South Florida

To say Tony Goldman was an interesting character, a pioneer, a creative success, and a charitable man would be the understatements of the century.

Photographers in Miami who have had the opportunity to photograph Tony Goldman know he surrounded himself with unique style, as if his personality was clinging to the walls around him. He was known for turning the place to avoid into the place to be seen and is responsible for keeping the spirit of art alive and bringing new life to some of NYC, Miami, and Philadelphia’s most downtrodden neighborhoods.

Make it out this Saturday to witness the huge success of Miami’s Wynwood arts district due in large to Tony Goldman.

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Labatt Blue Light Lime on Miami Beach by Photographer Tom Clark

Labatt Blue Miami Beach

Jessica Danielle photographed by Miami Photographer Tom Clark for Labatt Blue Light Lime

Fashion Photographer
Miami – South Florida

Nothing says Winter in Miami like photographers on the beach shooting models in swim suits.

In this bikini calendar shoot for Labatt Blue Light Lime we really made ourselves at home on Miami Beach’s South Point.  It was a great feeling having the 78 VW bus out on the sand and Jessica danielle was the perfect model for the newest production vehicle’s first shoot.

Credits include: Cintia Silva (hair), McKenzie Ramirez (makeup), Yasmin Deliz (wardrobe and styling), Stonehenge Circle (producer), The Strategic Agency (creative direction).

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Miami Beach Convention Center

Miami Beach Convention Center by Miami photographer Tom Clark

Miami Beach convention center, art meets science.

Interior Photographer
Miami – South FL

The Miami Beach convention center lends some interesting architectural features and interior design elements to photographers covering events, press, and conventions in the venue.

This snapshot was captured during a convention for cardiologists in Miami Beach.

While working as an editorial photographer covering press releases and late breaking clinical trial releases I was captivated by this particular mix of art and science.

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