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Product Photographer Based in Miami

While people tend to focus their energies on the final product, we must not forget about the initial processes. Here is a photo of three stainless steel mixing bowls, behind them, kitchen utensils; often the first resource in beginning a recipe.

product photography mixing bowls

Tom and I believe that it is better to tackle the task in steps rather than an all guns blazing approach. This brings forth better results than the latter. As you can’t make an omelet without cracking an egg, you can’t make passionfruit infused challah bread without pouring in the first teaspoon of yeast.

On social media one usually sees the final product of the meal more so than the actual process. A piece of meat laying on a plate in a deadpan ceremony of iPhone’s cameras and unhinged hashtags. While pages like Tasty and YouTube channels like FoodWishes showcase the processes, why not focus more on the organic steps? The step-by-steps are often the most thrilling and provide a feeling of accomplishment that outshines the quick shot of the $15 smoothie bowl.

Grant Albert likes techno, rock climbing, and basset hounds. You can find more of his writings on noiseprn.

Tom Clark is a commercial photographer based in Miami offering portrait, product, architectural and interior photography services.

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Miami Photographer Tom Clark: Ramen

Tom Clark is a commercial photographer available for food, product, architectural and interior photography in Miami and throughout the U.S.

ramen food photography

This one pays homage to photographers who are just starting their careers, or a typical Tuesday night at my place during the busy season. Just because you’re eating ramen doesn’t mean you have to suffer. Some salt pork, eggs and hot sauce can go a long way and will complete those ramen meals.

Also, I’ve been having some fun trying to make the perfect egg. I guess anyone can get lucky every now and again, but repeating your results with boiled eggs is a surprising challenge (especially working with basic appliances). I like a yolk that’s on the runny side, but definitely need the whites to be firm. I’m not with the runny whites. Not enough time in the heat and you’ve got a mess on your hands… too much time in the heat and your yolks are dried.

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Furniture Silhouette by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

red monaco bar

Photographers have a hard enough time shooting lacquer surfaces… this piece from Kravet threw a few more challenges in with a center mirrored niche surrounded by black glass. Nothing was out of view with these reflective surfaces and so lighting this piece was fun (can you sense the sarcasm?)

Sometimes it pays to be a control freak. In this case, no matter what the angle, the camera was visible in the subject and I had to make it disappear. As you can see it was a success, but I’m afraid I can’t mention how. Photographers never reveal their tricks, accept maybe after a drink or two.

Below are a few more angles from this shoot.

red-bar2 red-bar3

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Oliva Cigars by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Oliva Cigars Miami

Oliva Cigars by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Miami – South FL

Product photography can prove to be a challenge for even experienced Photographers.

Composition along with lighting plays an important roll in bringing still subjects to life. In this commercial image for Oliva Cigars our goal was to introduce their Melanio Line with the feeling of the line’s tag line “A New Standard In Excellence”.

Because of their matt surface and glossy labels, cigars can prove to be a difficult subject for photographers. It’s very important to create a lighting scenario that shows the texture and color of the cigar without creating too much shine on the label.

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