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Der Bachelor in Miami by Celebrity Portrait Photographer Tom Clark

Miami’s role as an international business hub teamed with warm Winters provides a serious advantage for hosting national and international commercial photography and video productions. Companies from up North, South of the border and across the pond seek blue skies, palm trees and sun kissed beach scenes while Miami photographers and production companies standby and wait for the phone to ring.

We shot this photo for the German Bachelor AKA Der Bachelor. His identity kept in secret, but his gesture well recognized. Receiving a rose lets one know he or she has been chosen… a symbol to fans of the show, but also a symbol to our city. 

the bachelor by Miami photographer Tom Clark

The series has filmed in Miami for the past two years, but there’s no guarantee we’ll be receiving the rose in years to come. Competing markets recognize the value of being chosen (perhaps more so than the state of Florida) and are stepping up incentives while we seem to be moving in the opposite direction.

We can only hope this trend comes to a quick end and intercontinental opportunities can thrive under our lush palm tress once more.

Grant Albert likes techno, rock climbing, and basset hounds. You can find more of his writings on noiseprn.

Tom Clark is one of the few commercial Miami photographers offering portrait, product, architectural and interior photography services.

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Wine Bottle by Miami Product Photographer Tom Clark

It’s a tad ironic how some of the most minimal shoots could be the most laborious for photographers to work on. The notion of ‘less is more’ is apparent in this photo. Why dilute this bottle of Malbec with the “perfect” model or car when the wine can stand alone?

This simple wine bottle required two separate shots, maneuvering lighting, and then composited in post production, to get the best result.

product photography wine bottle

The lighting on the bottle almost melts off the ink colored exterior. It wasn’t an easy task. We like to think that there is a bit of symbolism here:

We often have to work the hardest on the smaller tasks before we can take on the big missions. Whether it be taking a shot of a red wine bottle or figuring out the best conditions to grow the grapes, one should never neglect the small tasks. Tom and I believe the term “don’t sweat the small stuff” is becoming obsolete.

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Rachel Weisberg Spring Fashion Short by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Miami photographer Tom Clark is officially offering commercial video production services to compliment his fashion, product, advertising, lifestyle, architectural and interior photography.

In this compilation with Rachel Weisberg we hope to showcase a filming style with high visual impact, low production overhead, and quick turnaround to keep up with ever-increasing demands for social media.

Rachel Weisberg is an environmentally conscious designer, creating one of a kind pieces, hand dyed and sewn at her personal studio in the Coconut Grove area of Miami.

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Promotional Commercial Video for Glubbs by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Tom Clark is officially offering commercial video services on top of his existing commercial photography services. This includes directing, filming, audio, editing, and a full range of production services.

It was a great pleasure working with Robert Long (the creator of Glubbs) to produce this short film about a revolutionary product that enhances grip and maintains its structural integrity after countless hours of extreme training.


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Labatt Blue Light Lime on Miami Beach by Photographer Tom Clark

Labatt Blue Miami Beach

Jessica Danielle photographed by Miami Photographer Tom Clark for Labatt Blue Light Lime

Fashion Photographer
Miami – South Florida

Nothing says Winter in Miami like photographers on the beach shooting models in swim suits.

In this bikini calendar shoot for Labatt Blue Light Lime we really made ourselves at home on Miami Beach’s South Point.  It was a great feeling having the 78 VW bus out on the sand and Jessica danielle was the perfect model for the newest production vehicle’s first shoot.

Credits include: Cintia Silva (hair), McKenzie Ramirez (makeup), Yasmin Deliz (wardrobe and styling), Stonehenge Circle (producer), The Strategic Agency (creative direction).

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