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Fashion Photography by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Once or twice a year, Tom does a collaborative shoot with fashion designer and now Asheville, NC resident, Rachel Weisberg and Miami native actor/model/singer, Carolina Pozo. 


Rachel combines the elements of fashion with concerns in production sustainability, emphasizing on local scale practices. The collaboration makes perfect sense: a photographer with minimalist aesthetic and a designer with a minimal footprint. My eyes are drawn to the brass horseshoe. Carolina’s vertebras and back muscles elevate the horseshoe while it gingerly dangles from a thin, gold chain. The ocean blue dress then blends in with a blank wall, Carolina’s umber hair and vivacious tan juxtaposing.

rachel weisberg fashion by miami photographer tom clark

Tom never considered these shoots to be work and I can see why. Tom, Rachel, and Carolina created a beautiful and useful image while in an atmosphere of the ideal work environment. 

Grant Albert likes techno, rock climbing, and basset hounds. You can find more of his writings on noiseprn.

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Rachel Weisberg Spring-Summer 2016 by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Fashion Photographer Asheville, NC

rachel weisberg 2016

We had a great shoot in Asheville, NC this week for Rachel Weisberg’s Spring-Summer 2016 collection. In this portrait we found a brief moment to step out as Rachel excitedly prepared for Axis in NY, which begins tomorrow. The otherwise peaceful studio was filled with that good kind of chaos as we shot the likes of Aubrey Huntley, Amy Sreb, Casey Puhr, Taylor Dallis, Sarah Merrell, Patrice Wilson, and Nicole Martinez.

The fashion line utilizes organic materials and processes, which we aimed to reflect in the style of photography. The clean, natural looks below were created by Leigha Beck (makeup) and Amy Day Dougherty (hair).

fashion photographers asheville

fashion photography asheville

Tom Clark is a Miami based commercial photographer offering fashion, portrait, product, interior and architectural photography services in Asheville, NC.

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Fall 2014 Look Book for Rachel Weisberg by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

This video accompanies the look book created by Miami photographer Tom Clark for Rachel Weisberg.

The motion picture reveals Carolina Pozo killing the camera in several looks hand crafted by Rachel. It was captured simultaneously with the still images providing a behind the scenes look at the photo shoot itself from the camera’s perspective. Below are some images from the look book.

fashion photography by miami photographer tom clark

fashion photography by miami photographer tom clark

fashion photography by miami photographer tom clarkfashion photography by miami photographer tom clark


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Rachel Weisberg Spring Fashion Short by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Miami photographer Tom Clark is officially offering commercial video production services to compliment his fashion, product, advertising, lifestyle, architectural and interior photography.

In this compilation with Rachel Weisberg we hope to showcase a filming style with high visual impact, low production overhead, and quick turnaround to keep up with ever-increasing demands for social media.

Rachel Weisberg is an environmentally conscious designer, creating one of a kind pieces, hand dyed and sewn at her personal studio in the Coconut Grove area of Miami.

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Rachel Weisberg Spring 2014 by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Rachel Weisberg by Miami fashion photographer Tom Clark

If you’re in Miami this Saturday, stop by Goldie Boutique in Coconut Grove. Sip some wine and check out an exceptional trunk show of Rachel Weisberg’s Spring/Summer collection. Rachel is a NY fashion designer, recently transplanted to Miami and lucky for us. Her pieces are one of a kind, made/dyed by hand, and of sustainable or vintage materials… just saying.

When it comes to creativity Rachel Weisberg is of a rare breed, one that makes a photographer’s job duck soup. Her use of color, texture, and understanding of simplicity make for enjoyable shoots that hardly seem like work and provide great results.

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Rachel Weisberg Fall Collection by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

rachel weisberg fall collection by miami photographer Tom Clark

Rachel Weisberg Fall 2013 modeled by Jehane Serralles

New York – Miami fashion designer Rachel Weisberg makes unique, hand-made clothing inspired by an environmental and social consciousness. Through the use of organic cotton, grown and spun in the United States and treated with natural, low impact dyes she creates one of a kind pieces that are as friendly to the environment as they are to the eye. Her leather and vintage fabric designs are made with re-purposed materials.

Weisberg’s 2013 fall collection will be featured in the Here Now pop up store/workspace from October 4th til the 26th at 35 E 1st Street in Manhattan.

While working on this shoot it became apparent to me that Rachel Weisberg has an intimate, hands-on connection with each piece in the collection, which is an inspiration and a rare concept in today’s fashion industry.


For more images from this shoot visit Miami fashion photographer!

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