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Wine Bottle by Miami Product Photographer Tom Clark

It’s a tad ironic how some of the most minimal shoots could be the most laborious for photographers to work on. The notion of ‘less is more’ is apparent in this photo. Why dilute this bottle of Malbec with the “perfect” model or car when the wine can stand alone?

This simple wine bottle required two separate shots, maneuvering lighting, and then composited in post production, to get the best result.

product photography wine bottle

The lighting on the bottle almost melts off the ink colored exterior. It wasn’t an easy task. We like to think that there is a bit of symbolism here:

We often have to work the hardest on the smaller tasks before we can take on the big missions. Whether it be taking a shot of a red wine bottle or figuring out the best conditions to grow the grapes, one should never neglect the small tasks. Tom and I believe the term “don’t sweat the small stuff” is becoming obsolete.

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Georgina Evans by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Georgina in Miami
A meadow of reeds taking up a vacant city lot along River Drive in Miami recently caught my attention as I passed by. The contrast of natural growth and urban infrastructure seemed to provide an intriguing twist on the all too common fashion in the meadow concept.

Georgina (who flew into Miami from the South of France to celebrate her birthday) worked this location with her amazing red features, bringing another element of contrast to the scene, and making me the photographer inspired about the shoot.

This image was styled by Emily Noe.

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Close-up Photography of a Rose by Miami Photographer Tom clark

Red Rose by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Red Rose by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

For the interested macro and close-up photographer, or photographers looking for an introduction to the genre, I am nearing completion of my latest project, Digital Macro and Close-up Photography For Dummies.

This image of a rose was taken to illustrate one creative use of a ring flash. The book will be full of photo examples accompanied by tips, techniques, and tricks used to produce beautiful images with aesthetics, meaning, and feeling.

If you’re looking to enhance your photographic skills as a macro photographer, then stay tuned for this title. And in the meantime check out Digital Photography Composition For Dummies, which is on shelves now.

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