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New River Gorge Bridge by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

new river gorge bridge

Photographers visiting Fayetteville, WV may experience an irresistible attraction to the New River Gorge Bridge. Every photographer knows it’s been done before, still we can’t help ourselves. This is one of the highest vehicular bridges in the world made of a humbling 88 million pounds of steel and cement.

On a recent climbing trip I took advantage of a rest day to find the ideal shot, which led me to Fayette Station Bridge (a nearby, smaller bridge with this unobstructed view). The next morning I woke and forced myself out of the tent before dawn. We made it to the location just as the fog was beginning to clear and the sun was rising. Luckily, the early morning effort was matched by nature’s good graces and an image was captured. After all, it’s a long drive from Miami and we lugged the camera gear all the way.

Tom Clark is a commercial photographer based in Miami available for assignments in South FL and throughout the U.S.

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Mountains of Juneau, Alaska

Juneau AK

arial view of Juneau mountain

On a recent trip to Juneau, Alaska to visit two great photographers (and friends from school) Brandon Hauser and Kenneth Moriarty, I found myself reaching a realization:

Of the hours spent hiking up mountains, I could not find the right scene to represent AK the way I saw it. However, it was during a short helicopter ride that I grabbed this fleeting view with my point and shoot Canon G10.

The mountain’s size is as evident as the depth of the wilderness. The weather is as dramatic in this as my expectations were to capture amazing images in Alaska. Luckily for me, sometimes a snap shot is all it takes.

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