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New Studio Location – Miami Fashion Photographer Tom Clark

The photography season in Miami is winding down and we’re finally sorting through all the projects from fall/winter and that means it’s time again for the photo of the week. In a recent shoot with Condition Culture (a Miami based beauty products brand) there were too many keepers to choose just one. So, here’s a gif!

Miami Fashion Photographer Tom Clark

This will be the last shoot to take place in the Pool House Studio. After a long run in Coconut Grove, Tom Clark Photo is moving to a new location in Wynwood. Here’s to a new era!

Tom Clark is a commercial photographer based in Miami and offering full production services in South FL, the San Francisco Bay Area, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Asheville NC.


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Super Larry… coming soon!

super larry

Super Larry confronted by Sheriff Leeland

Meet Super Larry (Mark Teich)! Fictional desert town Vienna, CA’s very own super hero seen confronting Sheriff Leeland (Chris Coppola) on set while filming Super Larry, the pilot episode.

In this scene the envious sheriff’s wired temper explodes when he catches Super Larry attempting to fight crime in his jurisdiction.

The show, produced by Lord Danger and directed by Gille Klabin and Aaron Grasso, manifests a conglomeration of wit, irony, social truisms, and pure hilarity. For updates on when and where you’ll be able to catch the show’s premiere follow Lord Danger on facebook.

Apart from Miami, Tom Clark is now offering full production services as a commercial photographer in San Francisco, and Los Angeles







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San Francisco Public Utilities Headquarters by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

San Francisco Public Utilities Headquarters building

San Francisco Public Utilities Headquarters building

Architectural Photographers
Miami – South FL

San Francisco and the Bay Area is know to be on the cutting edge of living architecture and interior design. Structures are equipped to catch rain water and filter it to the bathrooms. In some cases there are gardens, or living eco systems on the roof that assist in filtering the water as well as making a better use of an otherwise wasted surface.

Solar panels and turbines may help to give back to the grid, and modern design helps to increase air flow and reduce the need for air conditioning.

The San francisco Public Utilities Headquarters building leads by example while utilizing many of these features.

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