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New River Gorge Bridge by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

new river gorge bridge

Photographers visiting Fayetteville, WV may experience an irresistible attraction to the New River Gorge Bridge. Every photographer knows it’s been done before, still we can’t help ourselves. This is one of the highest vehicular bridges in the world made of a humbling 88 million pounds of steel and cement.

On a recent climbing trip I took advantage of a rest day to find the ideal shot, which led me to Fayette Station Bridge (a nearby, smaller bridge with this unobstructed view). The next morning I woke and forced myself out of the tent before dawn. We made it to the location just as the fog was beginning to clear and the sun was rising. Luckily, the early morning effort was matched by nature’s good graces and an image was captured. After all, it’s a long drive from Miami and we lugged the camera gear all the way.

Tom Clark is a commercial photographer based in Miami available for assignments in South FL and throughout the U.S.

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Rachel Weisberg Spring Fashion Short by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Miami photographer Tom Clark is officially offering commercial video production services to compliment his fashion, product, advertising, lifestyle, architectural and interior photography.

In this compilation with Rachel Weisberg we hope to showcase a filming style with high visual impact, low production overhead, and quick turnaround to keep up with ever-increasing demands for social media.

Rachel Weisberg is an environmentally conscious designer, creating one of a kind pieces, hand dyed and sewn at her personal studio in the Coconut Grove area of Miami.

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Camping in the Ten Thousand Islands by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

night landscape photography

South FL offers a small window of opportunity for photographers to stay the night out in the wilderness free from the wrath of mosquitoes and oppressive heat/humidity. To take advantage of this I headed out to do some camping and fishing with my father. In my opinion the ten thousand islands offers the best camping experience in Florida.

Just a short trip from Miami, this park offers starry skies, a primitive camping experience, and some of the best fishing I’ve experienced. The calm and secluded nature of the islands makes them perfect for nighttime landscape photography.

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Winter Equestrian Festival coverage of Georgina Bloomberg by Miami Photographer Tom Clark[

Geargina Bloomberg entering her stables after a day of competing at the Winter Equestrian Festival

Geargina Bloomberg entering her stables after a day of competing at the Winter Equestrian Festival

Editorial Photographer
Miami – South Florida

Wellington, FL is home to the Winter Equestrian Festival and so it is also home to pro jumper Georgina Bloomberg.

Since it’s a rare opportunity for photographers to gain access to the heiress’ property (which has a jumping ring and full stable as depicted here) I was more than honored at the opportunity to provide the photography for Equistyle Magazine’s upcoming story on Georgina.

We were able to cover a variety of scenes both on the property and at the Winter Equestrian Festival. For more images and more information on the shoot visit: Miami Photographers

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Miami Fashion Shoot by photographer Tom Clark

miami fashion photographer

Drea Solis by Miami photographer Tom Clark

Topeekeegee Yugnee Park, located in Hollywood, FL provides an amazing portrait, fashion, and/or lifestyle location for Miami photographers. It’s a short drive to the North and contains rolling hills, which are very rare in South Florida, and oak trees rather than the typical palms that are so commonly seen in photographs taken in Miami.

The park can become very crowded (especially on the weekends), but early in the morning and with the right perspective  photographers can create the illusion of isolation in a natural setting.

Drea Solis, a local jazz dancer commissioned this shoot as part of her image portfolio.

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