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Der Bachelor in Miami by Celebrity Portrait Photographer Tom Clark

Miami’s role as an international business hub teamed with warm Winters provides a serious advantage for hosting national and international commercial photography and video productions. Companies from up North, South of the border and across the pond seek blue skies, palm trees and sun kissed beach scenes while Miami photographers and production companies standby and wait for the phone to ring.

We shot this photo for the German Bachelor AKA Der Bachelor. His identity kept in secret, but his gesture well recognized. Receiving a rose lets one know he or she has been chosen… a symbol to fans of the show, but also a symbol to our city. 

the bachelor by Miami photographer Tom Clark

The series has filmed in Miami for the past two years, but there’s no guarantee we’ll be receiving the rose in years to come. Competing markets recognize the value of being chosen (perhaps more so than the state of Florida) and are stepping up incentives while we seem to be moving in the opposite direction.

We can only hope this trend comes to a quick end and intercontinental opportunities can thrive under our lush palm tress once more.

Grant Albert likes techno, rock climbing, and basset hounds. You can find more of his writings on noiseprn.

Tom Clark is one of the few commercial Miami photographers offering portrait, product, architectural and interior photography services.

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Furniture Silhouette by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

red monaco bar

Photographers have a hard enough time shooting lacquer surfaces… this piece from Kravet threw a few more challenges in with a center mirrored niche surrounded by black glass. Nothing was out of view with these reflective surfaces and so lighting this piece was fun (can you sense the sarcasm?)

Sometimes it pays to be a control freak. In this case, no matter what the angle, the camera was visible in the subject and I had to make it disappear. As you can see it was a success, but I’m afraid I can’t mention how. Photographers never reveal their tricks, accept maybe after a drink or two.

Below are a few more angles from this shoot.

red-bar2 red-bar3

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Unicef Collaboration: Miami Director of Photography Tom Clark

1 in 11 children in the world are out of school and even more are not receiving a quality education. Serena Williams teamed up with Lionel Messi, UNICEF, FUNDACIO FC BARCELONA, and Reach Out To Asia to help change this statistic. I was lucky enough to participate in this campaign as a director of photography for portions filmed in South Florida.

Working on set with Serena Williams was a great pleasure. It was an inspiration meeting someone who is simply the best in their field, and at the same time willing to take time for others and volunteer a huge presence for a great cause.

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Promotional Commercial Video for Glubbs by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Tom Clark is officially offering commercial video services on top of his existing commercial photography services. This includes directing, filming, audio, editing, and a full range of production services.

It was a great pleasure working with Robert Long (the creator of Glubbs) to produce this short film about a revolutionary product that enhances grip and maintains its structural integrity after countless hours of extreme training.


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Labatt Blue Light Lime on Miami Beach by Photographer Tom Clark

Labatt Blue Miami Beach

Jessica Danielle photographed by Miami Photographer Tom Clark for Labatt Blue Light Lime

Fashion Photographer
Miami – South Florida

Nothing says Winter in Miami like photographers on the beach shooting models in swim suits.

In this bikini calendar shoot for Labatt Blue Light Lime we really made ourselves at home on Miami Beach’s South Point.  It was a great feeling having the 78 VW bus out on the sand and Jessica danielle was the perfect model for the newest production vehicle’s first shoot.

Credits include: Cintia Silva (hair), McKenzie Ramirez (makeup), Yasmin Deliz (wardrobe and styling), Stonehenge Circle (producer), The Strategic Agency (creative direction).

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Oliva Cigars by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Oliva Cigars Miami

Oliva Cigars by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Miami – South FL

Product photography can prove to be a challenge for even experienced Photographers.

Composition along with lighting plays an important roll in bringing still subjects to life. In this commercial image for Oliva Cigars our goal was to introduce their Melanio Line with the feeling of the line’s tag line “A New Standard In Excellence”.

Because of their matt surface and glossy labels, cigars can prove to be a difficult subject for photographers. It’s very important to create a lighting scenario that shows the texture and color of the cigar without creating too much shine on the label.

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Emilio Palacio by South Florida Photographer Tom Clark

Emilio Palacio by South Florida Photographer Tom Clark

Emilio Palacio in a South Florida Coffee Shop

Photographers South Florida

Emilio Palacio, an influencial journalist from Ecuador was forced to flee his country and take refuge in Miami after questioning President Correa’s political methods and integrity. His reason for fleeing was to avoid a jail sentence and fine of $40,000,000 (for the act of criticism.)

Although he’s been separated from family, here in South Florida Emilio is free to speak his mind and provide content to his readers back home.

So from the corner of a South Miami coffee shop an Ecuadorian struggle for free press is carried out beneath the chatter of this and that.

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Architectural and Interior Photography in Miami

architectural and interior photography

Architectural and interior photography by Miami photographer Tom Clark

Already known as a commercial advertising, fashion, lifestyle and product photographer in South Florida, Tom Clark is currently establishing a presence in the architectural and interior photography genre.

Miami provides an eclectic and interesting landscape for architectural and interior photographers to explore and portray.

The subject matter requires a vast knowledge of lighting technique, composition, and post production. All of which the Miami based photographer has a firm grasp on, and years of experience perfecting.

Tom is equipped to travel throughout Florida and the U.S. for your next architectual/interior project.

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Your Big Picture Cafe directed by Miami photographer Tom Clark

On top of professional still photography, Tom Clark now offers commercial video production services. His attention to detail and creative production methods that have  placed Tom among the short list of high end commercial photographers in Miami are now being applied to video.

We are now available for promotional, model portfolio, commercial advertising, and music video productions.

Your Big Picture Cafe is a full service coffee and loose tea bar with a lot more to offer than your typical cafe. Its presence is truly unique in South Florida and the purpose of this video was to convey just that.

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Condition Culture by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Condition Culture by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Photographers in South Florida often have the pleasure of working under blue skies with their toes in the sand. This was the case last week while on a shoot for Condition Culture, a Miami based hair accessories company.

Color Smash Hair Shadow works in a similar way to makeup, enabling you to temporarily color your hair. It goes on easy, is sealed with hairspray, and washes out. Perfect for making a bold statement  without a commitment.

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Broward Fire Academy by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Broward Fire Academy

Broward County fire fighters

Fire fighters make for an amazing subject and provide excellent shooting opportunities to photographers.

In this shoot for Honeywell First Responder Products (formerly known as Sperian Fire) I had the chance to study fire-fighting techniques up close and personal.

In this kitchen fire simulation the South Florida fire fighters display their abilities to work together and take control of a situation.

The protective suits provided by Honeywell enable these men and women to withstand temperatures of up to fifteen hundred degrees.

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Erick Morillo by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Erick Morillo at Arkadia in Fontainebleau Miami

As a local Miami photographer it’s always a pleasure to take part in creating artwork for the Winter Music Conference (WMC, one of South Florida’s largest music festivals), and having the chance to work with world-renowned DJ Erick Morillo makes this an even better experience.

This shoot took place inside Arkadia in the Fontainebleau Miami, providing both a natural and surreal setting for the top DJ in town.

A restful moment sets the stage for the inevitable explosion of energy, which will surely come from the speakers as Erick rocks the house.

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707 Boeing Interior and Exterior by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

707 boeing by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

707 boeing by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

This week’s photo is a two for one deal. After photographing the interiors and exterior of this 707 Boeing for Principal Air Services, I had a difficult time choosing which image to post.

It was a great experience working with the crew and staff at Commercial Jet in Miami, and these two images, when placed together help to provide an idea of what that experience was all about.

From a photographers stand point, an airplane like this is a sort of combination between a large product, and an interior shoot. It was an exciting challenge to light the massive exterior and to reveal the spacious and luxurious spaces inside.

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Raheem Malik by Miami photographer Tom Clark

Raheem Malik in Miami by photographer Tom Clark

In a recent Miami photo shoot with the South Florida up and coming hip hop artist Raheem Malik the looks were coming together with a smooth flow similar to his own lyrical style.

Of course this is expected with Emily Noe styling hand selected pieces from stash wardrobe in Miami.

Be on the lookout for Malik’s debut album, which is soon to drop and for the release of his website raheemmalik.com, scheduled to be live on December 20th.

Raheem’s character makes the job of a photographer seem easy.

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Interior design by Miami photographer Tom Clark

Interior design by miami photographer Tom Clark

Designed by Janel Kuhl of the Coconut Grove Gallery

After studying under and working with some of the top architectural and interior photographers in Miami, I am excited for any chance to bring my own photogrpahy style to this genre.

This bedroom, designed by Janel Kuhl of Coconut Grove Gallery & Interiors, provided a dynamic and interesting work space with fun geometric qualities and colors.

On top of practicing sustainable building and design techniques, Janel educates clients and colleagues on the matter so they may carry on the positive impact.

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Fitness Model Photography by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Miami fitness model Jacqueline Rose

University of Miami runner and pre med student Jacqueline Rose will be entering the Wilhelmina fitness model contest held in Miami Beach on November 7. She wanted a photographer to capture images that displayed physical fitness, beauty, and gracefulness.

A variety of looks were covered in the shoot, including swim wear, athletic gear, and formal wear. This is one of the many images that stood out as having all of the desired elements.

I am looking forward to finding out how Jacqueline does in the competition.

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Erick Morillo Voodoo Nights by Miami photographer Tom Clark

Subliminal Sessions Voodoo Nights with Erick Morillo

Voodoo Nights by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

This Summer in Ibiza Subliminal Sessions presented Voodoo Nights mixed by world famous DJ Erick Morillo.

It was my pleasure to work as the photogapher on this campaign, which took place at Aperture Pro Studios in Miami, and involved giant boa constrictors, hand-made wardrobe designs by Maya Claughton, and beautiful makeup artistry by Autumn Suna.

The images created were used to promote shows for the entire Summer season, including posters, billboards, and flyers.

To see more from this shoot visit the editorial gallery.

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Mauro Guerra Financial Advisor in Miami

Mauro Guerra in Miami by photographer Tom Clark

Mauro Guerra with family members and business partners Jorge, Fabian, and Sebastian outside Versailles in Miami.

Mauro has over thirty years experience as a financial advisor, and plays a mojor role in the Latino community guiding individuals and families to make the most of life with a financial balance between resolving debt and saving for travel and leisure.

The Guerras know that family and community is important and that’s why they are trusted and welcomed throughout Miami.

Mauro Guerra is liked even in the toughest of crowds, such as this one outside of Versailles in the early morning.

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Unicar Motor Sports by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Unicar motor sports Doral, fl

custom car by Unicar Motor Sports in Doral, Fl

A great subject is one that offers photographers the option to go a step further in depicting it’s likeness. This week Unicar Motor Sports presented me with the opportunity to take my photography to the technical extreme.

Unicar is located just outside of Miami in Doral. They bring professional detail work, window tinting, dent removal, custom audio, and wheel service to south Florida. You can also find official Ferrari Merchandise there.

The grand opening is scheduled for August 21. If you are an F1 fan or are into custom rides Unicar is definitely worth checking out. The shop’s style is high end and is rivaled only by the product it produces.

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Miami Beach Art Deco

Art Deco scene from Miami's South Beach

Art Deco in Miami's South Beach

Miami offers many great locations for photographers to shoot at. One of the more well known areas is the art deco distrct in South beach along Ocean Drive.

As a professional photographer in Miami it could only be a matter of time before I went down there myself. The area has a much different vibe at five thirty AM than throughout the night.

Parking is never an issue this early in the morning, and the only partiers left are those who are truly dedicated to seeing the sunrise.

The early morning presents opportunities to a photographer such as this one in which time seems to stand still just for you.

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Cayo Costa Lagoon Off of Florida’s Gulf Coast

gulf coast lagoon

A big concern in Miami at this point is not whether the oil from the BP spill off the gulf coast will reach our waters, but when.

This photograph was taken on Cayo Costa off the west coast of Florida. It was chosen as the photo of the week to symbolize the ripple that this oil spill will cause in our history.

I am not a political photographer or a journalist. This image is simply a representation of the relationship I have with the natural world and an expression of my sorrow that eco systems from the carribean to Mississippi are being affected in a bad way.

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El Hotel South Beach, Caliente!

El Hotel South Beach, Caliente!

Wl Hotel South Beach, Caliente!

It was a pleasure to be on the set of El Hotel South Beach, Caliente! to photograph the show’s gallery images. The cast was great to work with. I sensed a fun and exciting energy that is sure to rub off on the show’s viewers.

Set to debut in the fall, this sprightly, comical, and sexy series is expected to heat things up before the snow birds can unpack their speedos.

From left to right:

Paulo Quevedo

Joann Polanco
Patrice Scemama
Javier Rescala
Glauber Barcelo
Jonathan Caballero
Alejandra Pinzon

Visit El Hotel South Beach, Caliente! for more information on the show.

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Portraits with a Holga by Miami Photographer Tom Clark

Holga Portrait

Portraits of Emily Noe shot on a Holga by Miami photographer Tom Clark

As a professional photographer I spend a lot of time following the rules of composition and exposure. It’s nice to give myself a break now and again by loading 120 film in the holga and  letting fate play a role in the outcome of my images.

The holga is cheap, lightweight, and easy to use so there is no real excuse for me not to bring it on bike rides through Miami or on camping trips.

I spend a lot of time being a commercial, fashion, and portrait photographer, but I hardly take any photos for myself that will be appreciated down the line as souvenirs. The holga helps record memories that look just like memories.

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Miami Grrrl

Miami Grrrl

Miami Grrrl

This photograph was taken with the intentions of using color to create balance in a composition.

I am currently working on a project that causes me to concentrate on the different aspects of photo composition. In this case the placement of colors in the frame determines how the image is viewed (or at least that was my original goal.) Most often I am met with surprise between starting to compose a shot and finishing.

I feel that the color in this photograph creates balance but it is not the only compositional element that has a strong presence. I chose colors that would stand out, but the lines in this image compete heavily to control how it is viewed.

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